Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Fun

It's only July but we've already had a pretty busy summer. After Brandon's wedding last month, Daniel's Dad came back to Lincoln City. We did all the usual stuff.

Visited the Aquarium, our year's pass has paid for its self more than twice over. Saw the star fish. And the sea pens.
Kevin swam with the piranhas. The alligator said hi. Kevin was completely unimpressed with the beautiful sunshine streaming down through the shark tank. But he cheered up a little when we went out for lunch in Depoe Bay. We bought Dad a leather jacket in Depoe Bay because he kept complaining about "the cold." Just because it's not 90, doesn't mean it's cold. We have great weather here on the Coast! Dad and Kev left on July 3rd to go home, so we went down to Siletz Bay, to play in the water. I love my man! He's so cute!
Dad and Kevin's trip was the second time we had guests this summer, but not the last. After Dad left, we had 2 weeks to get ready for Donny and Amberlee. So, I cleaned my house and got ready to do all the usual stuff all over again! ;-) I love having company though, I'm not complaining!

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