Monday, May 24, 2010

A Few Updates

Here's the awesome stuff going on this week:
Monday: Daniel and Tonya date night.
Tuesday: Babysitting.
Wednesday: Last-minute cleaning house for my sister's visit.
Thursday: MANDY AND THE KIDS COME! We are visiting my Aunt Pam and going to Multnomah Falls.
Friday: Cape Meras, hike to Munson Falls, and the Tillamook Cheese Factory
Saturday: Oregon Coast Aquarium and Newport, Depoe Bay and other points of interest.
Sunday: Church
Next Monday (Memorial Day): DA BEACH!!
Next Tuesday: Mandy and kids leave. :-(

And if any of you were wondering, the "mommy" we were waiting for had her baby on SATURDAY morning at 5 a.m. after spending a total of 31 Hours having contractions and waiting to get to where she could push. I bet she's glad THAT'S over!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

He Who Said 'A Job Well Done Never Needs Repeating'...

...obviously never did any housework. It is Saturday and my day to clean the dang house. Today, however, it's turning out to be a dragon I'm not sure I can slay.

My awesome sister Mandy and her two adorable kids are coming to Lincoln City for a visit on Thursday. (Woot!) I'm super excited about it, but today I'm looking around and going: THIS PLACE IS NOT NEARLY CLEAN ENOUGH!!!

How is it that you can live in a place, look around, and be satisfied with it's cleanliness, but when company is coming all the sudden it is a cluttered, dusty shack not suitable for habitation.

Needless to say, I've spent the last 4 hours cleaning my house and I still have a list a mile long of stuff I want to clean, dust, sweep, vacuum or wash before Mandy gets here. The upshot of all this is that no matter what I do, it will still be a 70's-era cabin by the lake with orange carpet and ONE BATHROOM. For Daniel and I, it does just fine, but when we have company it gets a little harder. (We love having company by the way)

Well, we do the best we can I suppose. The hardest thing is figuring out what to do with Daniel's sword collection. Mandy's kids are 3 and 2 and we don't want them getting hurt. I can see 5 swords from where I'm sitting, and the kids would be able to get at or touch 4 of them, so they will all have to be moved. I should have made Daniel collect stamps.

I am so looking forward to this visit from Mandy even if I don't get my house up to "company standards". I hope we have a great weekend. And I hope Mandy's expectations aren't too high. :-)

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

My good friend Danielle is a midwife. She has the unique opportunity of bringing new life into the world. I really admire her confidence in and enthusiasm for her job. I have the unique opportunity of helping by babysitting her four kids when she is helping her "mommies" give birth. But, as the miracle of birth is unpredictable, Danielle sometimes needs me during the wee hours of the night or morning.

Last night was just such an occasion. I got a call about 10:45 from Danielle saying one of her mommies was headed toward labor and she would need me later. I said OK, packed an overnight bag, and got ready. Lucky for me I have a wonderfully sweet hubby who would rather go babysitting with me than stay home in his own comfy bed.

So, about midnight we got the call, got in the car and headed to Danielle's. (She has a guest room that she keeps ready for me and Daniel for just these occasions.) The kids were all asleep and Danielle was confident that she would be back before they woke up at 7 in the morning. But it was only an hour before we got a text message from Danielle saying she was heading home. WHAT?!?!?!

Turns out the woman wasn't having contractions nearly like she should be, and they needed to wait. Danielle told us we could go home if we wanted to, or spend the night at her house. I reasoned that there was a really good chance Danielle would be heading back to the birthing center before the kids woke up, so we decided to stay. 7 a.m. came and went and Danielle was still home, so we came back to our house.

I decided to get a few more zzz's and Daniel went to work. Now Daniel's home from work. I just got a message from Danielle and we are still waiting! I might be a little annoyed if it I didn't feel so bad for this poor mom!

So how about it my gal-pals? How long did some of YOU have to wait?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

OK, So Like, Let's Try This Again

Look, I KNOW nobody reads my blog anymore. I haven't updated in forever. I think I don't do it very often because all my friends and family blog about their kids and awesome stuff they are doing. I don't have any kids and as far as awesome stuff, how often can a person blog: Went to church Sunday, babysat on Tuesday, spent Thursday on sitting on the beach reading. Here's a picture of a seagull. Seriously, how many pictures of seagulls does one person need?

My friend Robin does a great job on her blog. She will talk about anything and make it totally riveting. The most trivial events in her life are perfect blog fodder for Robin. I have made reading her blog a daily event, because her trips to Costco are so darn interesting!

Daniel and I don't have the most interesting life, but I will try to do better in blogging about it. We both have Facebook accounts and we keep up with family and friends there, but you have to slash and burn your way through all the advertising and crud to actually learn anything. So, I have come back to my blog as a way to keep my family informed as to my 'goings on'.

And I'm trying to be more like Robin. Get ready for tons of posts about making dinner, trying to get to the gym and ultimately not going, and, that's right, more pictures of seagulls.