Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More From Brandon's Wedding

Before we get started today, here is a picture of an adorable man: Thank You. Now let's continue with more from the wedding.

This is Shasta. She's the Bride's sister and the Matron of Honor. This was the day before the wedding when we all showed up to decorate. It was interesting. You could totally tell who was in the middle of their Pre-Wedding meltdown! (For the record, it was the Bride's Step mom)
Shasta was cutting greenery for the table centerpieces. Eric and Kathryn are fixing some of the ceiling tiles. These are the finished table decorations. And the finished banquet hall. This is the gift that Daniel and I gave to Brandon and Summer. I post a picture of it only because I have never been very good at wrapping presents. They always end up looking...abnormal. But in this case, I think I did o.k. We gave them a service for 4 of everyday plates, salad plates, bowls and glasses. This is the outdoor site of the actual wedding ceremony. It was a beautiful sunny day!This is the view of Mt. St. Helen's from the park were the wedding was. The mountain is only about 40 miles from where we were. Daniel's Uncle Bud and Aunt Joyce came up from Trail, Oregon to be part of it. Brandon and Summer got a little messy cutting the cake. And finally, they had the traditional dollar dance. Which was a huge success. Here we have Bob dancing with Summer, his new Granddaughter-in-Law, and Brandon dancing with his Mom. See, They really do love each other.
All-in-all, it was a beautiful and fun wedding! Congratulations Brandon and Summer! May you always have love in your home!

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